Australia's Best Stuff to See

Australia's Best Stuff to See

Australia is nearly three times the size of the United Kingdom, 11 times the size of Texas, or the combined size of India, Mexico, South Africa, France, Japan, and Germany. And there are many things to see and do in an extremely large country – from towns, beaches, landmarks to islands and forests scattered across the land. You should add to your Australian bucket list the top 10 items in the Culture Tour.

Reef Snorkel, Queensland Snorkel

Reach this 2300 km (1,429 miles) stretch of coral reef along the coast of the north of Queensland, which is the largest chain of coral reefs in the world, by plunging your own sequel to Finding Nemo (2003). Sailing, snorkeling, and a sprinkling from their main gateways Cairns and Townsville across the reef would easily blacken the coral because of warmer sea weather due to climate changes.

Bondi Beach Float, NSW Swim

The sand stretches in Sydney's eastern suburbs are not more famous than Bondi Beach, a world-famous shoreline strip. More than 1 m of visitors a year draw green grass, golden sand, and turquoise waters. Don't miss a dip at the Bondi Icebergs sea pool, a meal, or a drink in one of the trendy restaurants, and stroll along the steep, steep seafront walk from Bondi to the equally stunning Coogee Beach.

Northern Territory Admire Uluru

The heart of the Australian continent is Uluru (Ayers Rock). One of the most identifiable sites in the country is a five-hour drive southwest of Alice Springs, which is approximately 4 kilometers (2mi), 348 meters high (1,142ft). On the hike, behind Harley-Davidson, with a helicopter or in a hydro-air ball you can encounter Uluru and the neighboring Kata Tjuta Rock formation – don't climb them because Uluru is a sacred place for the people of Australia.

Mona Tour, Tasmania Tour

While Australia has no art galleries which compete with the history of Europe, there is a museum that corresponds to everything you find outside the world. In 2011 an exhibition, which he described as "the Subversive Adult Disneyland" was opened by the Tasmanian millionaire and art collector David Walsh in the Museum of Old and Modern Art (Mona). Catch the 25-minute ferry from Hobart and enter the beautiful modern building of Mona to watch Walsh's private collection of over 1,900 artworks.

Canberra Call, ACT

When Lonely Planet called Canberra one of the warmest cities in the world to visit, many Australians thought that was a male. But the capital city of Australia – a location that Aussies usually only visits the Parliament House on school trips to learn more about democracy – is packed with treatments for anyone who ignores hateful art with exquisite museums, a blossoming food and drink scene, and stunning scenery like the rough Alps in Australia.

Speck wine in South Australia's Barossa Valley

Australia has a hurt for abundance in the world of wine – the Hunter Valley to the North of Sydney, the Yarra Valley, the Swan Valley to the Melbourne River, and the Margaret River to the South of Perth. The Barossa Valley near Adelaide, however, could only be the bunch selection. Barossa's over 150 winery is renowned for its reds, mostly from famous winemakers like Penfolds, Jacob's Creek, and Wolf Blass, which is the home of some of the older Shiraz vineyards in the world.

Watch Cricket Field sports, Victoria Melbourne

If sport is Australians' religion, the MCG is their temple – and every time the sporting gods of the country grace the holy shoal, tens of thousands make a pilgrimage. The rich past and sheer size of the 'G' can be felt, regardless of whether it's Australian rule soccer in winter or a cricket match in summer. Sports played here since 1853 and is over 100,024 in a capacity outside North Korea and the United States, more than any stadium on earth.

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb, NSW

Visiting "Coathanger" in Sydney is an absolute must, but you have to offer a grey jumpsuit and climb it for your full experience. The 134m(440ft) arch can be extended via BridgeClimb to give a 360-degree panoramic view from the top of your most renowned landmark of the city of Harbor City, including Sydney Opera House across the sea.

See a sunset on Western Australia's Cable BeachThe 21 miles (14 miles) white sand stretch creates one of the country's most spectacular spots, especially when you travel on a camel train to Cable Beach as the sun goes down to the Indian Ocean. A two-and-a-half-hour flight north of Perth, the historic pearling harbor Broome, which itself is a fascinating, multicultural, and exclusively remote 15,000, is also a portal to Western Australia's wild Kimberley zone, an ancient countryside of canyons, gorges, and swimming hole.

Western Australia Cycle around Rottnest Island

There are hundreds of reasons why 'Rotto' is a laid-back island only 25 minutes by ferry from Fremantle, Perth, and one of the must-see destinations in Australia, including the beautiful beaches linked by car-free bikes, the 35000 humpback whales, and springy waters that enjoy the marine life in the winter. But you need only one excuse to visit: the quokka, an unlikely sweet marsupial found elsewhere than Rottnest.

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