10 things in Norway to see, do, and experience

10 things in Norway to see, do, and experience

Norway is one of the most wonderful locations in the world – full of modern and modern attractions and traditional heritage charm. Norway is a big attraction.

So much nezds to be seen, done, and learned. Whether it be a happy city retreat, or something more adventurous, something everybody will appreciate, after stunning landscaped landscapes.

Ready for more information? Learn all about our realistic guide – including ten of Norway's must-see attractions. Good luck!

1. The Northern Lights are fantastic

Of course, the Northern Lights is one of Norway's largest and greatest attractions. Mostly seen in high latitude places, the Norwegians are able to see the sensational lighting from one of the highest locations. Once in life, the beautiful Arctic sky is enlightened by the spectacular array of colors and waves also known as the Aurora Borealis.

2. Visit Oslo's awesome city

The beautiful city of Oslo is next on the list. This city blends the world-leading culture and history and is renowned for its beautiful green spaces with interesting museums. Discover the unobtrusive blend of old and new with contemporary architecture that is beautifully situated among its fortifications, sculptures, and Viking ships.

Visit the magnificent City Hall and the Nobel Peace Center, host to the Nobel Peace Prize. Feel starve? Feel starving? Enjoy culinary pleasures at the northernmost Michelin restaurant, Maaemo, in the indoor market of Mathallen.

3. Amazing Norwegian fjords

When the adventure is your first priority, it must be a journey to the fjords of Norway. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and mountains, with private trips to the best cities in Norway. These tours allow you to enjoy the amazing Scandinavian landscapes, history, and culture in close contact. It's one of the most important things in Norway – whether it's by train, by boat, or even on foot.

 Amazing Norwegian fjords

4. Take the railway Flåm

Without the remarkable experience of Flåm, no trip to Norway would be complete. It's like nobody else's trip. Starting on board to see the natural beauty of Norway from one of the fastest regular gauge lines in the world – with a 5.5% gradient on most trips. It's the ultimate trophy for the Norwegian engineering genius by winding tunnels and mountains.

You can travel to the awe-inspiring valley of Flåmsdalen from the Aurlandsfjord, and then to Sognefjord along Rallar Street. An incredible and special view of the beautiful surroundings of Norway.

5. Discover Bergen's elegance

More than Oslo alone in the Norwegian cities. The picturesque city of Bergen on the southwest coast also called the "Gateway to the Fjords of Norway." Why? The Norwegian fjords are surrounded by the fascinating. This isn't everything. The town is also a utopia in history.

The tourists can discover the works of the world-renowned composer Edvard Greig in the medieval Hansa Bryggen, the traditional dock of Bergen's traditional wooden building.

6. Your own safari king crab

The small encapsulating town of Kirkenes is situated in far north-east Norway. A snowy escape allows you to reach the breathtaking scenery of the Arctic by a snowmobile. Then take part in a cutting of ice on the frozen fjords and catch your magnificent king crab, which is one of the most special things in Norway. You can try the delicious fresh catch in a cozy cottage on the lake after your ride.

7. Flåm fjord safari revitalising

Why not enjoy Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord with their sensational rib boat? Enjoy the waters to enjoy the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site. This deepwater flow between massive mountains and incredible waterfalls, making it easy to see one of the best in Norway and around the world.

8. Scenic walks in nature

A trip through the Aurlansfjord is another fun thing to do in Norway. Trek the untouched route alongside local guides, who will share their experience more than happy. Do you need a short break? Visit a genuine mountain farm to sample fresh goat's cheese – a local delicacy of mouthwatering.

9. Fascinating Fjord Safari patrimony

Rib boats are the best way to cross the vast waters of Norway. Why not visit Gudvangen to enjoy the rich history and culture of the region this time? Sognefjord is one experience you can never forget with its excellent views of the deepest and longest fjord of Norway.

10.  Get away from Undredal's crowds

Finally, why not take advantage of Undredral's serene fjord village? This village is probably Norway's happiest part, home to the smallest church in Scandinavia. Meet the welcoming Andredal Cups in the picturesque surrounding of Norway's charming fjords and enjoy authentic goat cheese.

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