The Technology Behind Efficient and Agile Data Management

The Technology Behind Efficient and Agile Data Management

Infrastructure modernization is critical in implementing data-driven business models. Intel Optane delivers high performance with HPE Synergy.

In an increasingly digitalized world, data and data management-oriented investment decisions continue to increase their importance for industries. Companies that can create business and competitive advantage from data by performing effective data analysis and management have started to gain serious advantages over their competitors. IDC research observes that organizations that can develop “data-driven” strategies are far ahead of their competitors in their digital transformation journey. 

According to IDC 2020 global forecasts, by 2022, companies in the global 2000 will invest more than $ 100 billion in big data, analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to improve customer data acquisition, and by 2025, 163 zetabytes of data will be created annually worldwide. 

IT managers are under severe pressure to reduce costs due to budgetary constraints and to reduce the time it takes to achieve actionable outputs from data analytics to be competitive. 

As data volumes and artificial intelligence workloads become more complex, organizations need technology solutions that can achieve high performance. 

Organizations have to make radical changes in the design and use of databases and applications that will make their data use stronger, more cost-effective and efficient. Recent innovations in the software-defined data center allow organizations to improve the way they manage data. Many organizations dependent on heavy-workloads can benefit from a solution with faster throughput and higher IOPS rates. HPE Synergy servers, also known as Xeon-based, configurable infrastructure powered by Intel® Optane Technologies, together with VMware vSAN, a software-defined storage solution tested for various use cases and workloads, provide organizations with serious advantages in terms of data management. 

This high-performance data storage and processing solution enables organizations to transfer more data and process more IOPS, accelerate data transfers and reduce latency, optimize insights from data analytics, thereby serving more customers and improving user experience. 

VMware, HPE and Intel Optane Solution: HPE composable infrastructure solution, which includes CPUs from the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family, is compatible with Intel® Optane ™ SSDs and can support up to 20 NVMe drives. The 24 DIMM slots are capable of supporting up to 128 GB to 3 TB of memory. Intel Optane DC SSDs provide improved response times and high endurance (uninterrupted operation of business-critical applications) in the modern data center. Intel Optane solution offers organizations high performance options in terms of data management with HPE high performance server and VMware vSAN solution. 

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