Robot or manual welding - which is better?

Robot or manual welding - which is better?

Should you choose manual welding or robot welding ? 

Welding performed by robots is a real alternative to welding work performed by humans, as the robot is precise, can be adapted to new tasks without manure, often delivers a cheaper job than manual welding and performs its task quickly. Speed ​​is especially something that can be measured when you are faced with large amounts of one's tasks, so it does not take much time to get the robot ready. Other benefits of robot welding include:

  • Uniform finish across elements such as gratings, hinges and fittings.

  • Demanding items such as balcony guards, silos and wood-burning stove chambers are easily welded.

Find a welder with a certificate

Sometimes, however, you need a classic weld of flesh and blood if you are faced with items of high complexity. Where the robot is not enough, man steps in, and you do yourself a favor by having a certificate welder solve the task according to European standards such as EN 1090 and the current standards for quality management, eg DS / EN ISO 3834. One is to assess a piece of welding work on lurenkig, something else actually to measure the work up against the rules that apply to its quality.

Know the behavior of metal by manual and robot welding

Know the behavior of metal by manual and robot welding

Whatever you stand for choosing robot welding or manual welding, it is important that the company has knowledge of the behavior of metals when they are heated. As you know, metal expands during heating, and being able to predict an element's specific behavior during welding is essential to be able to deliver a finished result that is in good agreement with the requirements of the chosen tolerance - where tolerances are set based on industry standards. Professional welders have this particular insight.

Always know how big the tolerance must be, as greater tolerance means that the work can be done faster. You thus do not waste time getting the individual features in place and can quickly get the elements in hand.

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