Professional watches for diving possess all the modern technologies

Professional watches for diving possess all the modern technologies

Today, wristwatches offer lots of functionalities,

where you can find a digital display on watches with an analog dial, which, for example, informs the date. Modern diving watches are an advanced example of how wristwatches today can do more than just show the time with hands or a display number format. Dives for diving offer everything from diving alarms to depth alarms, decompression alarms, diving logs, built-in depth sensor and a modern power supply.

What can you choose within watches for diving?

Of diving watches, you will not find one that is more iconic than the Citizen men's watch JP2000-80E , which has all the mentioned features in addition to a stainless steel case and mineral glass over the dial with around 30 times the strength you find with acrylic glass. So: An advanced and solid diving watch.

The Citizen men's watch JP2000-80E is a good example of a diving watch

The men's watch is often known as the Pingo watch, as it was used by Crown Prince Frederik during the time he was in the frogman corps - and his nickname among his comrades was Pingo. However, it is not just this story that makes this Citizen diving watch world famous. Technologically, it is in a class of its own, so if you want a diving watch that beats, this is good to squint at.

An advanced diving watch with alarms and sensor

If we look at the functions mentioned above, you will gain an insight into the strengths of this diving watch by explanation. Diver logs tell you when you were last out diving and how far down you reached. And the built-in decompression alarm goes off when you rise too fast from the depths, thereby exposing yourself to danger. So you will be told if you need to slow down a bit.

With diving alarm and depth alarm, you can set the clock to alert when you have dived a certain amount of time or have reached a certain depth. And the depth sensor shows how deep you are.

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