Apple paid them to recycle their devices, and they gave them a second life. By selling them

Apple paid them to recycle their devices, and they gave them a second life. By selling them

A story so absurd that it's hard to believe. The company that Apple paid to recycle their devices sold them on.
A story like from a black comedy. Apple, which constantly emphasizes

how it does not care about the environment and is not pro-ecological (probably why it is so difficult to repair their equipment.

Let me remind you, for example, of Piotr's story: I flooded the Macbook Pro - I fought for data recovery for several months ), regularly cooperates with recycling companies. Many of the components in their devices are expected to be environmentally friendly, easy to recycle - or even made of recycled materials. The Cupertino giant, however, does not have its machinery that would deal with recycling - this task is outsourced to external contractors. And, as it turns out, they don't always play fair. And when Apple finds out about it, according to  The Logic  , it decides to sue the company that did not fulfill the contract.


They were supposed to recycle Apple devices. It was more profitable to sell them

Various devices from the giant's portfolio (including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watche) were placed in their hands en masse to get a "second life". According to The Logic, the company did not do what it was paid for. Instead of recycling the equipment, this one… decided to sell it on.
According to the information provided by the editorial office, the lawsuit filed by Apple includes charges of theft of more than one hundred thousand devices. More specifically, we are talking about over 500 thousand. iPhones, nearly 20 thousand. Apple Watchy and over 25 thousand. iPads. To make it even more interesting, Geep Canada at the moment ... isn't even trying to deny that there was actually a theft. Instead of taking it all down as a company, it places the blame on unruly employees. Company executives say they had no idea about it - and that clever employees framed it without their knowledge. What does Apple have to say? Well, the employees may have been insubordinate, but it just so happens that they were not random people. At least three of them held very high positions - this is the rank of managerial staff. Oops.


How did Apple see these shortcomings? 

Well - now everything is connected to the network, and Apple knows its products very well. After all, the serial numbers of devices are based on, among others their warranty program. So no-one should be particularly shocked by the fact that when they discovered that several percent of devices that should cease to exist are still active in cellular networks, it aroused their vigilance. We are talking about a minimum (!) Of 100,000. devices - but in practice there may be more of them, because some of the equipment that was to be recycled was equipment without built-in modems, so finding them is a bit more difficult and a basic scan that allowed them to see that something is wrong here. What does Apple expect? 

Recover all the money Geep Canada has earned selling stolen devices, plus an additional $ 22.7 million. 

I don't have to mention the fact that companies do not cooperate with each other anymore, right?

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