5 Essential Tips For Better Text Message Marketing

5 Essential Tips For Better Text Message Marketing

As a business, you need to establish a connection with your customers. The best and effective way to do this is by maintaining constant communication with your customers.

Text messaging forms one of the best technique to communicate with your clients. Even better, you can use this platform for marketing your products and services.

But the increase of mobile devices in the market does not guarantee success to your marketing campaigns. If your pitches don’t resonate with your audience, then your efforts are for naught.

Here are five tips that’ll help you attain quality results.

Here are five tips that’ll help you attain quality results.

 1.Be Brief

Your text messages should be concise, and laser-focused. In mobile marketing, there’s no room for fluff.

Identify your target audience and draft the best message to approach them. Leave out any unnecessary details in your message. Only describe how your customer will benefit from the products and services you offer.

  1. Identify Yourself

First off, customers should always opt into receiving text messages. Don’t send them anything without their permission. Also never assume that your customers or recipients know who you are. For example, how would you feel if you get a text from a number you don’t recognize? How would you react?

First, the message could be from different companies in your area. In most cases, you’ll delete the message without giving any feedback.

Well, your potential clients are likely to do this. Be sure to identify your brand or business to guard against getting the same treatment.

  1. Avoid Slang, Hype and Abbreviation

Don’t send any text message that looks like spam. If it does, your consumers will notice it and delete it instantly.

Also, avoid any promotional words. People hate it when you try and sell them something.

Using slangs and abbreviations are likely to destroy the effectiveness of your campaign.

  1. Makes Consumers Feel Special

Exercise caution when sending text messages to your customers. For instance, don’t clutter the inboxes of your potential buyers with things they can get from your shop or business website.

Instead, make your recipients feel unique about the text you send them. For example, it may be because they’ve qualified for an exclusive promotion from your firm. If you don’t, they’ll opt out of getting any texts from you in the future Digital Marketing Company.

  1. Create Value

Don’t send texts if you’re not offering any immediate value. Your customers don’t like it.

Remember, the text messaging medium is instantaneous. Therefore, include new and real-time offers to your customers.

If you’re providing information on a new product, the text message you send should focus on the benefits of acting now.


Do you want to create a successful mobile marketing strategy?

Well, focus on the use of text messaging to reach new clients and retain the existing ones. With a text blast, you’re able to send the same text to a group of people. With this marketing method, your target audience will only need a mobile phone. Luckily, 98 percent of all the population has access to a phone. Even better, they don’t need an app or network to open your message.


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