Scan your teeth and follow your dental hygiene with new technology

Scan your teeth and follow your dental hygiene with new technology

Intelligent technology is taking up more and more space in everyday life, both in business and among the private consumer. Technology plays a big role in many different aspects of society. In recent years, there has been a huge development in the use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector.

Your doctor visits are moved online and you can now experience virtual consultations with the dentist!

The Adent app can help you and your family create dental care routines, analyze symptoms, receive personal dental assessments, and stay in touch with your dentist.

Digital advancement in the healthcare sector

Digitization is not slowing down and it is developing rapidly and usably in several areas of society. The development of new technology in the health field has exploded in the last ten years, and the Danish health sector will experience a major transformation in the coming years.

The technology that is particularly seen in the field of health is super intelligent technology, such as artificial intelligence. It is about transferring and connecting human intelligence and the logical sense of the computer. Using image recognition, the computer can identify and recognize things that have already been uploaded to their system. This is incredibly effective and it gives, among other things, private citizens the opportunity to seek out knowledge about prevention, diagnoses and treatment on their own.

Technology guides to better health

If we stick to the importance of technology for the pharmaceutical industry and medical practices, more and more solutions will emerge that will have a major impact on the future of the industry. Artificial intelligence helps to streamline a number of processes that save both time and money.

It is no longer just the profession that benefits from artificial intelligence, it is now just as much the private consumers. In many areas, technology makes life easier for many Danes.

Technology has a huge impact on people's living conditions. New technologies can help us find solutions to health challenges for the individual. We already know of technologies that focus on consumer health and it has only become easier to keep an eye on its daily activity, calorie intake and now dental health during the day.

The virtual dentist visit is ready!

The Corona situation has left its mark on the world and there has been a need for new thinking in a wide range of areas, especially when it comes to the health of the population. The National Board of Health encourages increased use of online and digital consultations within dental care, in order to meet the distance requirements. Here, Adent Health's new technology has played a major role in improving conditions for both patients and staff at various clinics and hospitals.

Imagine being able to manage your dental visit using an app on your phone. Adent Health has developed software that enables dentists to conduct digital consultations. Adent offers the world's leading CE-marked app for home scanning of your teeth.

Adent is designed to analyze specific indications of dental health. When scanning your teeth, you will receive a personal dental analysis within a few hours. In connection with this online check, a decision is made as to whether a visit to the physical dental clinic is necessary.

The technology behind Adent Health

The technology behind Adent Health

Adent Health consists of an interdisciplinary team specializing in computer technology, product design and of course dental practice. All areas that are super important, to achieve the best possible result.

With this artificial intelligence you can scan pictures of your teeth and your mouth. With the help of the pictures, your health is monitored, with a special focus on signs of dental health, which i.a. gingivitis, tartar and tooth decay.

Adent's new technology allows you to connect directly with your dentist, who now provides online consultations. That way, one can send his demand away when it fits into his own everyday life. The app thus supports consultations based on photos or video, where you can follow up on conditions or treatments. Your data is handled securely and you can keep up with your improvement and results of better hygiene.

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