Common cold - why is only one nostril closed

Common cold - why is only one nostril closed?

You've probably asked yourself that before, haven't you? With colds or allergic rhinitis, often only one nostril closed while we can breathe freely through the other. But why is that so?

That is why only one nose always closed

"To blame" for the one-sided blocked nose is the way it works, the so-called nasal cycle. We have two turbinates, only one of which is working while the other is at rest. This is accompanied by the swelling and swelling of the nasal mucosa and the erectile tissue on the respective side of the nose. By the way, unless we have a cold, we don't even notice this change. The change is to ensure that we can absorb smells better and that the inside of the nose is not dried out.

If you have a cold or allergy our nasal mucous membrane swells. The side of the nose that is not working at the moment, however, already fills its erectile tissue with blood and swells up a little. The combination with the swelling caused by the cold leads to the fact that our resting nostril feels particularly blocked.
That is why only one nostril is ever blocked

What to do if the nose closes up?

Many people immediately resort to nasal spray when they have a blocked nose. However, this can be addictive. At the first signs of a cold, for example, it helps to inhale or do a nasal rinse. This allows your mucous membranes to swell gently. And don't worry, we are still able to breathe deeply - even if one nostril is closed.


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