Get an easy and inviting garden with granite chips

Get an easy and inviting garden with granite chips

Does your garden need freshening up? And are you tired of the eternal hatch in the ground and between the tiles? Then you can advantageously acquire crushed granite for your garden. They add a nice and stylish look to the garden, while being completely maintenance-free - and then granite chips become even nicer with age, because it is a natural product.

To the maintained garden

Get an easy and inviting garden with granite chips

A garden can be a big job. A lawn to be mowed, shrubs and hedges to be trimmed, beds to be mowed down and weeded, flower pots to be cared for - and much more. If you do not have green fingers and do not feel that you have the time to take care of the garden so that it becomes as fine as you want it, then crushed granite is a really good solution. It can make it easier to keep a nice and proper garden that looks nice, even if you do not spend whole weekends tending it. You can e.g. use granite chips for:

  • Small paths in the garden

  • Pray with shrubs and small trees

  • Flower beds

  • The driveway

The only thing you need to be aware of with crushed granite is to have a proper layer laid so that they lie neatly and evenly on the ground. How thick the layer should be depends on the size of the shards - the larger they are, the thicker the layer should be.

You need to know this before laying granite chips

Once you have found a nice type of granite shards and have calculated how much you need, then remember to think about the substrate under the shards. Because if you want as little maintenance as possible, then it is important that you remember a good and weed-inhibiting substrate. It is typically a good weed cloth or a non-woven cloth that also helps keep the granite layer even.

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