With the configurator and the large product range from MCYS, you can easily create customizable furniture for your home. You can find out how it works and why this could be a good choice for us in the following article on

Almost two years ago we moved into a larger apartment and all of a sudden we had incredible freedom in terms of our interior design. We moved from almost 50 square meters to 120 square meters, large rooms, a lot of space that had to be supplied with furniture. Of course, you can't replace everything at once and so the small sofa from the previous apartment moved into our large living room.

In the meantime, during cozy TV evenings with Emma Mops, we find more and more often that she actually takes up the most space on the sofa - it's hard to imagine how long such a small dog can get on. The living room offers enough space for a larger couch in any case, but if you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice.


The interior market is huge and the selection of sofas is huge. However, many are often a compromise in some way: sometimes the color doesn't fit, sometimes the material is unsuitable for dog owners, the next the shape isn't right and the next but one doesn't suit your wallet. Fulfilling your own requirements completely in every respect is difficult.

With MYCS , the solution is very close, because MYCS offers the

possibility of configurable furniture.

The models on the MYCS homepage are inspirations that can be individually configured according to your own wishes and needs . Materials as well as components and colors can be changed here. The playfully easy to use configurator allows you to design the respective model in countless variants until you have found the model that is perfect for you.

MYCS - Customizable furniture for your home Julie's Dresscode Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Customizable furniture is especially great if you already have a rough idea of ​​what your new piece of furniture should look like. For our living room of around 20 square meters, we would like a

three-seater with ottomans 

on which we all, including Emma Mops, can comfortably stretch our feet. At the same time, we would like to stick with leather or a very finely woven fabric in which the dog's hair does not get stuck. The wooden cylinder feet should also give the sofa a cozy look - that's the rough idea of ​​our future sofa.

The configurator is a really good way to spend time, because it is really fun to try out all the different options . I first tried the TYME model and tried out the different fabrics and colors and changed the width of the armrests.

The next step for us after testing the configurator is now to request material samples from MYCS. If you don't have a MYCS showroom nearby, like us, you can get a free sample box with up to 8 material samples . Anyone who needs individual advice can take advantage of the INTERYOR service from MYCS , where you can get product and room advice via email, telephone, video call or live chat.

MYCS naturally offers even more customizable furniture, such as

sideboards, chests of drawers or wardrobes

can be configured with MYCS according to your own needs. Due to the production in Europe , MYCS guarantees a 

particularly high quality of all components.

MYCS - Customizable furniture for your home Julie's Dresscode Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Do you feel like taking your furniture design into your own hands?

Then take a look around the MYCS website and click your way through the countless possibilities of the configurator.

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