Relaxation exercises against stress

Relaxation exercises against stress

Stress is the order of the day for many people - and can make you sick in the long run. It is therefore important to relax in between. With these exercises you will come down very quickly!

Exercises against stress or mindfulness exercises serve to relax the mind. Those who are relaxed in the head are more relaxed - and calmness in turn helps to deal better with the many stresses in everyday life. Meditation is a tried and tested means - we present 3 really effective exercises for reducing stress .

Exercise 1: Mindfulness exercise for relaxation

Find a quiet place and make sure that there are no disruptive factors around you. To meditate, sit on the floor, the tailor or lotus positions are popular. It is important that you take a position in which you keep your back straight. Now close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. With this exercise you should learn to block out influences and noises from outside. The point: If you get into stressful situations later, short meditation units should help you to relax quickly. Lessons of 10 to 20 minutes are recommended for beginners.

Exercise 2: A positive attitude through mantras

Mantras are simple, clear, positively formulated sentences (affirmations) that, repeated throughout the day, are intended to provide relaxation. You don't have to say it out loud, you can formulate the sentences in your mind. Mantras help you to stay with yourself and not to be disturbed.

Examples of mantras:

"I won't let myself get down!"
"I am strong!"
"I have everything under control!"

Exercise 3: Abdominal breathing helps with stress

If you (still) have problems with breathing exercises, so-called abdominal breathing helps. To do this, sit up straight and put one hand on your stomach. To relax, consciously breathe more slowly through your nose into your lower abdomen. Breathe out through your mouth again. Focus only on breathing. Keeping your hand on your stomach helps you control your breathing - you will see that this exercise helps very quickly!

Important to know: Which relaxation suits me?

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