Trends are also worn on your feet: trendy boots for 2020

Trends are also worn on your feet - trendy boots for 2021

Boots for Fall and Winter 2021:

4 Trends You Should Know.

The new fashion season for autumn and winter 2021 is running. Those who want to boot through the cold season in fashion, rely on striking with strong shapes. Shy monotony is out, real statements are in. This applies to urban street wear as well as boots with more glamor and extravagance, as the following four trends prove.

Trend 1: Chunky Chelsea Boots

Chunky Chelsea boots are certainly not new, but they are an even stronger trend. In the last half of the winter, the heavy kicks with the wide rubber soles already impressedMen and women alike. A great variety of colors is not in demand here: the boots with the martial combat appeal should be jet black. When combining the boots, there are hardly any limits to the creative freedom. For example, the following combination options are available for different attractive effects:

- tight jeans in black or blue
- flowing feminine dresses in warm autumn colors
- tweed skirts
- cord trousers in brown or black

Chunky Chelsea Boots 2021

Trend 2: High

lace-up boots Lace-up boots have been popular in recent years, especially in the flatter form of ankle boots. This winter it can be a little more boots on the leg. The trendy lace-up boots for autumn and winter 2021 like to extend beyond the middle of the calf. As with the Chunky Chelsea Boots, thick soles with a strong profile are a must for the high lace-up boots . The colors are both black and light or dark brown tones. Hoodies and jeans or fine satin for a neat break in style are ideal for a combination.

Trend 3: Velor

The times when conspicuously embossed crocodile-style leather boots were popular are over. In terms of material types, nubuck and suede are making a comeback. Elegance with a certain country flair is a safe and fashionable bank in the 2021 winter season . In keeping with this, riding boots are on the rise again, while cowboy boots are largely disappearing into fashionable oblivion after a brief revival last year.

Trend 4: Overknees

For women for whom high lace-up boots are still too low, the good news is: Overknees are on the rise again in the fall and winter 2021 season. The longer the better: Models that reach far up the thigh not only keep you nice and warm. They look damn hot too. You are welcome to vary the color here. In addition to classic black, light brown tones and pale blue tones that play into pastel colors are particularly popular. Solid suede is the first choice as a material .

Conclusion on the winter boot trends 2021 Take

advantage of the change of season to say goodbye to the gray mouse look and start winter with self-confidence. Be creative when it comes to combinations and dare to break one or the other style. Variations that deliberately break with a purely male or female appearance definitely hit the fashionable zeitgeist .

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