These styling mistakes should be avoided by tall women

These styling mistakes should be avoided by tall women

Tall women are lucky enough to be able to wear almost anything. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to a few little things when styling. We explain which mistakes tall women can avoid when styling and introduce alternatives.

Not only small women often have to struggle with all kinds of styling problems, also tall women from a height of 1.75 m sometimes have problems when it comes to dressing. The fit of the clothes in particular often causes problems here. Even if tall women are lucky enough to be able to wear just about anything, a few mistakes can be avoided when it comes to styling.

Tall women should never make these styling mistakes

Wear pointy shoes. Tall
women often live on "big feet". Pointed shoes make the feet even longer and stretch them even more. Therefore, it is better to forego it and instead use shoes with a round or square toe, for example a couple of cool loafers, for example with a trendy square toe cap , ballerinas or sneakers.

Rely on vertical stripes
This type of stripe makes us look even longer and is therefore reserved for smaller women. But tall women can opt for eye-catching prints or patterns instead. What is quick to apply to smaller women looks really good on us tall women! For example extravagant geometric patterns or cool feminine flower prints, like with this maxi dress .

Wearing V-necklines
This type of neckline also stretches your upper body. The better choice for tall women are tops with a round neckline, turtleneck or a boat neckline .

women have great long legs and are often envied for them. In addition, pretty much any type of pants is suitable for them, whether skinny jeans, Marlene pants , flared jeans or palazzo pants. Most people do not consider that from a certain height it can be extremely difficult to find pants that are not too short. When buying trousers, make sure that the desired model is available in the right length so that it does not look like you have outgrown the trousers. Many manufacturers offer trousers in extra length for tall ladies.

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