The perfect fashion label for every woman

The perfect fashion label for every woman

Dear fashionistas, dear fashion girls, dear woman next door: Have you already found “your” label? This one brand where you could be sure that the parts fit perfectly and always fit you well? The designer who you have the feeling that he thought of you - or a woman like you - when he designed it? If not, we've collected a few suggestions today. Let yourself be inspired and try something new!

The fashion world is very diverse these days. There is a perfect look for every taste. Unfortunately, this diversity is not reflected in the outfits of most women. They stay true to their style, which can be good once you've found the perfect style. But the body changes over time, as does the needs. Many fashion fans lack professional advice. But it can help to buy from the right labels!

Fashion-loving women can find the most important brands and lots of tips for beautiful styles at About You. There are so many offers here under one roof that it is the top address for many fashion fans when shopping for clothes. Saving at About You is child's play, because there are coupons, offers and much more. But which labels or styles are the right ones (apart from the homemade ones, because they are always the most beautiful)? Here are our tips:

Fair & organic for northern lights and those who want to become one

Many great things come from the north, for example sailor's yarn, the smell of the sea and delicious fish. And one or the other small label that designs the right clothes for fashion girls who are particularly concerned with sustainability. The sporty parts of the small label "Hafendieb" are practical, youthful basics made from organic cotton. Good for the skin and the environment!

Karolína Kurková with About You: a convertible capsule collection

The self-confident supermodel is a role model for many women. It is important to her to give women a good feeling as soon as they reach into the wardrobe in the morning. This works on the one hand because the parts of the freshly launched capsule collection are so changeable and on the other hand because the sewn slogans give positive words on the way. This is how women can strengthen their self-confidence and feel beautiful and strong. By the way: The parts are made according to sustainable criteria.

EDITED - for trend-conscious fashionistas

Feminine elegant and still trendy - those who have these attributes in mind for their wardrobe should look at EDITED. The clothes in particular - a must for the coming, hot summer - testify to simple elegance and still have the necessary oomph in order not to appear boring. Whether garden party, office or elegant dinner, you will find the right look here.

Vero Moda - playful, feminine, inexpensive

The label has been around since 1987. It belongs to Bestseller, a Danish company owned by Troels Holch Povlsen. The pieces by Vero Moda are playful, cute, very feminine and priced so that you can afford them on a tight budget. Those who attach great importance to being able to experiment with their look and like to try out new things will be delighted with the fashion of this label.

Calvin Klein - for women who have already found their style

Calvin Klein himself founded the label that bears his name in 1968 and was responsible for the designs for many years. The fashion designer caused a sensation with his advertising campaigns for underwear. The name of the label was printed on the waistband of simple men's fine rib underpants and attracted the attention of stars like Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. The pictures were so successful that they will be used again for a campaign after more than 20 years! Well, everyone likes to look a second time. Today it is the Brazilian Francisco Costa who, as creative director, is responsible for the look of the women's line. Clear lines, high-quality materials and classic colors dominate, which can often be combined very nicely. These pieces last longer than a fashion season!

Birkenstock - a label through the ages

Birkenstock is a traditional German company that was founded in the 18th century. It was brought into being by master shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock, who developed and marketed innovative footbed insoles. For a long time, Birkenstock was mainly known for the health aspect of its shoes, but the label has undergone an incredible change. With the help of a new, fresh look and famous feet like those of the Olsen Twins and Heidi Klum, it managed a change of image and now has cool parts in the range that are both good for your feet and look great. Not many shoe brands can say that about themselves!

Gap - classic cuts, timeless looks

Women who would like to have feminine pieces with a reliable cut, with which they can skillfully emphasize their advantages, should take a look at the collections of the well-known label Gap. The designers behind the brand create fashion that is casual and basic and convinces with patterns and colors that are suitable for everyday use. The blouses in particular will delight women who are looking for well-fitting tops for the office that support a confident and elegant appearance.

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