Preventing and Stopping Ladders - These tips will help

Preventing and Stopping Ladders - These tips will help

We wear a lot of tights, especially in autumn and winter. Whether with dresses, skirts or under pants as an additional layer of warmth. Unfortunately, one or the other ladder creeps in. We give tips on how to prevent ladder stitches.

Preventing ladder stitches: That helps 

The fridge trick

It is best to put nylon tights in a plastic bag in the refrigerator overnight. The cold pulls the fibers together, making the fine meshes much more resistant.

Use hairspray

Simply spray the tights completely with hairspray before putting them on so that there are no stains. This forms a kind of protective film on the fibers, which is supposed to protect them from running loops.

By the way: The trick also helps if a ladder has already formed. This way it cannot spread any further. It is therefore best to always carry a small hairspray in your pocket. 

Hairspray is a real all-rounder in the household. You can still use it for this >>

SOS tip for ladder stitches

Exercise caution when getting dressed!

Long, and above all, pointed fingernails are the deadly enemy of delicate fine and nylon tights. If you have long fingernails, it is better to put on a pair of thin cotton gloves to avoid damaging the tights. Be sure to take off rings and bracelets before putting them on so that they do not get caught on the fabric.

Note: Exercise caution when washing tights. It is best to use a mild detergent for the delicate legwear and wash them by hand in lukewarm water. If you don't want to do without washing in the washing machine: A laundry net  offers protection!

SOS tip for ladder stitches

If it does happen and our tips didn't work, try this trick: Nail polish is perfect for stopping ladles. If a ladder has crept in, apply some clear varnish to the affected area and let it dry well. This is to prevent the tights from tearing open any further. Base glue can also stop a ladder. Do the same here as with the clearcoat.

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