Most Popular Types of Silk Sarees

Most Popular Types of Silk Sarees

If you find the silk saree to be very boring wear regularly or think it looks better on the older crowd, then you haven’t seen the new and different ways to wear it. There is no other garment out there that can be styled in many unique and different styles than the soft silk saree. Many women from across the globe like to wear cotton silk sarees online for any special events or wedding since it not just suits everybody types, but also adorns their looks & makes them appear stunning. But, many women think that wearing silk makes them look a bit older. That’s not true!

There are many reasons that make women love Silk sarees. They are as follows:
1. Comparing to other type of sarees, silk type is easy to drape and carry. Also, the warmth nature of the silk will give you the comfort feel which you won’t get in other types of sarees.

  1. I’m sure many might have ended up with crushed saree after travel or maybe when you carry your baby along with you to any events. But it’s not the case when it comes to processed silk saree.
  2. The quality and durability that you get in Silk is not comparable with any other materials.

If you feel the same, then let you know that some highly glamorous & sensuous looks are made with these types of saree. Thus, selecting to wear this on the special event with fabulous styling will make you grab instant attention! Let us look at some popular silk saree types available in the market:

Assam Silk 

Known to be the most unique and exquisite kinds of silk sarees that you can have in your wardrobe are luxuriant silk sarees from Assam. Made in 3 local ranges of silk and they are paat, muga, and eri, every saree will give you lustrous grace. Generally, Muga sarees are the golden-colored drape that has interspersed patterns in red color that embody the traditional motifs. Made from the Antheraea silkworm, the muga silk sarees emanates a rich luster and looks splendid in the gold-hued essence. The muga silk sarees are ideal wear for any occasion or event.

Eri Silk

Errandi or Eri silk is another amazing range of silk variety found in India. It’s mainly processed from open-ended cocoons called Samia ricini & Philosamia ricini that come from Assam. As this silk can be taken without harming silkworm, it’s referred to as peace silk or Ahimsa silk. It is one reason that Buddhist monks, Nepal, Japan, and China prefer such silk of non-violent origin.


Errand silk saree can be distinguished by the typical dense & coarse texture, matt look, and dull yellow sheen. This type of saree isn’t very expensive compared to other categories found in silks. Thus, it is an affordable variety of silk saree available. Valued for its thermal insulating and strength, this type of silk saree is used to make quilts, shawls, wraps, and more. These days sarees are also made from this silk.

Murshidabad Silk Saree

Silk is one kind of fabric that will add an extra bit of spark and elegance to any garment, no matter whether it is western wear or traditional Indian. Silks are produced in India for many years and the weaving differs from one state to another, therefore adding a new and unique element to its texture, style, and designs. 

Silk Saree Trends to Look At

Before buying premium silk sarees, let us take a peek at the silk saree trends, which will surely get many ladies to chat at your big event.

Banarasi Jute 

The Banarasi jute silk sarees online are generally interweaved with the jute fibers and they are appropriate for work conferences, parties, and more.

Chanderi Kora 

This type of silk is a mix of delightful Chanderi silk & sheer silk and it is better to drape your saree to any daytime events just to allow it shine a little.

Soft Silk

Such sarees are light, comfortable, and simple to wear for daily activities. They are easy to drape to work, parties, college, or styled with the lehenga that will create a new look. Thus, there are many different ways to drape it!

Silk Is A Perfect Style Statement 

Women can enhance their look with premium silk sarees. Also, they can team up with the air-hostess blouse or long-sleeve. For the undoubted trendy look, you may wear the ethnic jacket and drape shawl without ever compromising on the charm of the elegant saree. It is the only fabric, which comes in different prints and colors. You may try out some warm winter colors or prints. Nothing will stop you to wear the range of pastels on Ghicha Silks and Bishnupur silk –as the variety of color on the silks appears gorgeous and rich.

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