Little women should never make these styling mistakes

Little women should never make these styling mistakes

Being small as a woman is not a blemish! Nevertheless, we sometimes want legs a few centimeters longer - at least visually. In order to avoid the opposite effect, small women should definitely avoid these styling mistakes.

Long legs like a gazelle or just a bit more tall so you don't look so short next to your friends? Sometimes little women would like to cheat a few inches taller. Fortunately, a lot can be done with the right outfit! But be careful - the opposite can also happen. We'll reveal five styling mistakes that little women should definitely avoid.

These styling mistakes make us look smaller

1. The wrong shoes

The classic way to cheat yourself a few centimeters taller are of course high shoes. In the long run, however, this is unhealthy for our feet and our posture - apart from that we don't feel like tormenting ourselves with high heels every day.
There are also other factors that make shoes lengthen or compress us optically: When making your next purchase, make sure not to choose shoes with rounded tips. The cut of the shoe makes your legs short! Better to use ballerinas, ankle boots and the like with a pointed toe cap and V-neck. That cheats our legs a few inches longer!

2. Low-cut hipsters

Women who want their legs look a little longer should take this styling advice to heart. The higher the waist is emphasized, the longer the legs appear. If you want long model stilts, you should adhere to the so-called "two-thirds-one-third rule". This states that the lower part should cover two thirds of the body, while the upper part only covers one third. This creates the visual impression that the legs are significantly longer in relation to the rest of the body. So come on with the high-cut high-waist trousers ! To be honest: they are much more comfortable anyway - and we also practically hide small pork belly rolls under the high waistband.

3. Long tops

Because of the already explained two-thirds-one-third rule, small women should stay away from long-cut tops. Conversely, this means that we want to keep the upper body optically shorter in order to make our legs seem endlessly long. In combination with high-cut high-waist trousers, short-cut cropped shirts look amazing! In this combination, this trend can even be worn by opponents with a bare-bump, as the high fit of the pants means that no skin has to be visible.
Alternatively, of course, any normal top can be worn: just tuck it in! This is not only super trendy, but also sets your waist high in combination with high-waisted trousers.

4. Layering

Admittedly - the onion look is practical and absolutely trendy. Still, we don't have to blindly follow every trend, especially if it just doesn't flatter us. For a hiking excursion where functionality is paramount, there is no mistaking layering, no question.
But if you want to shine in everyday life and reap admiring glances, you should refrain from the onion look. Visually, the many layers of fabric almost drown little women! Rather, rely on a single oversize piece, such as a cozy sweater, while then emphasizing the rest of the body more closely.

5. Unfavorable handbag

In fact, the wrong accessories can also visually compress us. This applies, for example, to large handbags: if we drag ourselves with an XXL bag that is half the size of ourselves, it looks a bit strange. And we look even smaller next to it! Choose a medium-sized model or even rely on the small, trendy crossbody bags.

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