Leonardo DiCaprio Popular Hollywood Star And Oscar Winner

Leonardo DiCaprio Popular Hollywood Star And Oscar Winner

Leonardo DiCaprio went from the underrated baby face to the ever popular Hollywood star and Oscar winner.


  • FIRST NAME    Leonardo Wilhelm
  • SURNAME        DiCaprio
  • BORN               11/11/1974, Los Angeles, California / USA
  • STAR SIGN       Scorpio
  • SIZE                   1.83 m
  • PARTNER         Nina Agdal (2016-2017) Kelly Rohrbach (2015-2016) Toni Garrn (2013-2014) Blake Lively (2011) Bar Refaeli (2005-2011) Gisele Bündchen (1999-2005) Erin Heatherton


Not everyone knows about Leonardo DiCaprio

His unruly hair was to blame that no agent wanted to be found for Leo at the beginning of his career. And they wanted to take the beautiful name away from him: Lenny Williams should call himself Leonardo - a little more American, please. Fortunately, his mom was strictly against it.

Leo's grandmother wasn't always that gentle with him: "She always asks me why I'm not as pretty as in 'Titanic'. She thinks I look really ugly in my new film 'Blood Diamond'. And I should Kindly comb my hair back, "said the actor once.

In 2005, Leonardo had to undergo a minor plastic surgery: a confused woman attacked him at a summer party and injured his face with a broken glass. The shock and wounds were relatively deep, fortunately Leonardo was not seriously injured.

"In spite of my salaries, we haven't forgotten how to save. If I can avoid it, I'll go without a Coke for five dollars at the hotel and buy a six-pack around the corner for the same price. Discount stamps are still stuck on my mother's fridge for Haagen Dazs ice cream. "

Leonardo also speaks some German, but according to his own statements, at most like a four-year-old: "I can say what I want and what I like, but it's not enough for complex trains of thought," he once said. He doesn't speak fluently, but with a very charming American accent.

No, Leo has absolutely no sense for traditional love stories: "They are too cheesy for me. I only chose 'William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet' because I found the modern look of the film interesting and the director was great."

Tangible scandal: After "Titanic", Leo went to his head by early fame. There was talk of nightly rioting in hotel rooms or demolished photographer's noses. He later targeted his outbursts himself: In Woody Allen's "Celebrity" he plays a crazy movie star. Today Leo says, "If you are famous, then you can either be a vain diva or use your fame to change something in the world." He did that: He got the nickname "Mister Environment" in Hollywood because he only drives hybrid cars and campaigns for whales and dolphins.

"My only chance to gain weight are my tours to Germany. There I feed like a barn thresher around the clock. I love, love, love German food!" This was expressly true for Grandma Helene's Reiberdatschi, Wiener Schnitzel with spaetzle and red cabbage. Perhaps that was why Leo was always here for a few days at the most, so as not to get too out of shape.

When Leo suddenly put on a little gold after "Titanic", he was sharply criticized. The star generally pays attention to healthy food and gets the necessary exercise when romping around with his dogs: "I hate fitness centers. I just want to be a normal, healthy person." The only must: a good game of golf with colleague Jack Nicholson.

How Leo got his name is almost legendary: Allegedly, his pregnant mother was standing in front of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Italy when the little one began to kick her stomach. A thoroughly unreal scenario: a Hollywood megastar is strolling through the middle of the Westphalian province in broad daylight. No bodyguard far and wide, a model blonde on his hand, next to a leisurely older lady. This is not a Hollywood script, but was a reality in the peaceful Oer-Erkenschwick:

Leonardo DiCaprio stopped by again and until her death in 2008 had his German grandmother Helene Indenbirken regularly show him his roots.

To be the center of attention - that's what little Leo wanted

As a young woman, Leo's mom made Irmelin over to America. The blonde hippie girl not only got to know "Peace + Happiness", but also soon got to know the Italian performance artist and comic artist George DiCaprio. Little Leonardo was born on November 11, 1974 not far from Hollywood. However, in Echo Park, a similarly dangerous neighborhood as the one he was in on the screen almost 30 years later Martin Scorsese's bloody epic "Gangs of New York"got busy: "I just had to walk around the corner to see a guy with heroin syringes and 20 crack bottles under his trench coat." As a child, Leo was a real bundle of joy who always knew exactly how to charmingly get his way through. Although his parents separated shortly after he was born, he continued to enjoy a loving upbringing from both of them, was hyperactive and fulfilled at an early age the desire to let the people around him participate in his entertainment skills.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the natural talent

Leonardo, the natural talent

So the natural talent - until today Leonardo has not set foot in an acting school - after a few commercials and series appearances in the films "This Boy's Life" and " Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa". And the romantic-tragic film deaths in "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" and "Titanic" finally catapulted the actor to the top of Hollywood and made him the teen idol par excellence. For a long time, Leo's problem and trademark were exactly that: his boyish appearance. "Babyface Leo" was his hated nickname for many years. But in the end the actor succeeded with thrillers like "Departed - Unter Feinden" and "to become a real guy. Away from the screen, Leonardo DiCaprio remains the nice guy who can't even be upset by the siege by his countless fans or the paparazzi: "A lot of people would be happy if they were in my place. I'm a happy little bastard."

Leo has established himself

Leonardo DiCaprio is now a popular actor. Cult directors like Martin Scorsese ("The Wolf of Wall Street") or Quentin Tarantino ("Django Unchained") like to use him. For a long time Leo was repeatedly nominated for the coveted Oscar for his brilliant achievements - and always got nothing. Until soon the whole world wondered if and when he could ever carry an Oscar in his hands. In 2016 the answer is: For his portrayal in "The Revenant - The Returners" he finally got his Oscar.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the environmentalist

In his acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, in addition to the obligatory acknowledgments, Leonardo also addressed a topic that has been very important to him for years and for which he is passionately committed: environmental protection. At the age of 24, Leonardo founded the "Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation" , which campaigns for environmental protection and against global warming. In recent years, he has entered into collaborations with automobile manufacturers to promote the development of electric cars. In 2014 he was named UN Ambassador for Peace and gave the opening speech at the UN climate summit in New York. In addition, the environmentalist was awarded by the WEF for his work against climate change and for the protection of threatened animal speciesm "Crystal Award" .

Leonardo loves women - and women love him

The ladies are also impressed - Leonardo is arguably the most sought-after bachelor in Hollywood. He himself obviously has a weakness for beautiful women. His prey scheme: young, pretty, tall and slim - model. His reputation as a "modelizer" is no coincidence. 


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