Celebrity shopping queen with Verona Pooth, Jasmin Wagner and Eva Brenner

Celebrity shopping queen with Verona Pooth, Jasmin Wagner and Eva Brenner

Oh what a pleasure that was again. Verona Pooth, Jasmin Wagner and Eva Brenner shopped in the VOX TV show by designer Gudio Maria Kretschmer's styling guidelines. And they did not disappoint. On the subject of the casino, the ladies leafed through three fundamentally different looks, each a perfect vision of its wearer. Elegant, lively and over the top were the outfits with which the celebrity ladies clearly demonstrated their fashion consciousness. So if you are planning a visit to a casino, you could get some inspiration for dress code and styling here.

Eva Brenner in a glitter fumble through Las Vegas

Eva Brenner has a sense for forms. She advises on furnishing issues in various TV programs and is extremely successful with it. Your look is always colorful and casual. After all, to arrange decorative items and furniture you need freedom of movement. In terms of styling, Eva is probably closest to most of us with her cheerful outfits suitable for everyday use. It goes without saying that Gudio has chosen a stark contrast program for the lively Eva. The designer sent them to Las Vegas. He wanted to see Eva sparkle.

She has a figure, so the presenter opted for an extremely tight, tight-fitting dress with a large Versace look pattern and lots of glitter. High neck and long legs are her Las Vegas vision of a casino look. In addition, a wild, curly-haired head that was actually much too restless for the pattern. We would have liked a high ponytail in sleek look better.

Jasmin Wagner is the Bond girl in Monte Carlo

Jasmin Wagner is the Bond girl in Monte Carlo

A pop star with an everlasting girl image is something to be proud of. Jasmin Wagner, who stormed the charts as Blümchen in the 90s, had such exciting times that she would love to experience it all over again. One can understand that, because her successful career has brought her far. Today she is a mother, extremely personable and is still on stage. For the Promi Shopping Queen Casino edition, Gudio chose Monaco as the background for Jasmin's look. Class and style are required here.

Jasmin Wagner immediately understood where the journey should go. She covered her athletic body in a narrow, midnight blue maxi dress. High-necked at the front, with a deep cutout at the back. In addition a satin clutch and opulent jewelry. The necklace, bracelet and earrings sparkled in a delicate yellow, but in combination with the otherwise simple dress they looked very high quality. Jasmin's hair was put into a twenties water wave with a lot of effort.

Verona Pooth posht in Baden Baden

Third and loudest in the group was Verona Pooth. Because it can be a little more with her, she had hired male model Papis Loveday to strengthen her and put her shopping day at the CSD in Düsseldorf. The best conditions for a lot of turbulence.

The shops of Verona in Düsseldorf

Gudio's task was to "tune it down" so that the overall Verona package comes to rest a bit. Reduced, noble, nude and, like Victoria Beckham, Verona should find a casino look suitable for Baden-Baden. Of course, she pulled the joker potion and trundled through Düsseldorf's shopping mile with € 700 and three hours on the clock.

At Hallhuber, she found a pastel-green suit whose delicate tone harmonized perfectly with her dark complexion and black hair. In the absence of time, there was only one shop for shoes and accessories. As a Düsseldorf Fashion Insider, Verona naturally knows that she is in good hands with StewarDress at Lorettostraße 8, Düsseldorf 40219. The noble second hand shop carries vintage clothing from high end brands as well as accessories and shoes from well-known labels.

She completed her look with an unobtrusive glitter bustier and a black leather clutch, which also received a rhinestone belt as a strap. The performance of the styling team was also extremely impressive after Chatterbox Verona had finished with their explanations, they had 2 minutes for hair and make-up. Bun and lipstick were perfect and Verona was very satisfied.

With three candidates, each actually won, but Gudio put the crown on victory for Jasmin Wagner for her super elegant Monaco look.

The first broadcast of this episode took place in August 2019 on VOX and thus achieved a previous rating record.

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