Blouse trends 2020 - These cuts are popular in summer

Blouse trends 2020 - These cuts are popular in summer

The summer of 2020 is surprisingly cool, so that in addition to t-shirts and tops, airy tops with long sleeves are popular. One of the trends in this year's summer collections are women's blouses, which can be combined as desired for leisure and work. They go perfectly with jeans and trousers, but also look good with skirts. In addition to being easy to combine, the summer blouses inspire with their light, airy cut. This will avoid uncomfortable sweating on warm days.

Floral designs are ahead

Blouses with a floral design are among the favorites of the current summer. Large flower prints and elaborate flower embroidery make the blouses look elegant and feminine. In addition to large flower formats, small scattered flowers in various color combinations have conquered the collections. Smaller scattered flowers in particular appear playful and exude a youthful look. The majority of designers integrate the flowers as a contrast in the classic designs.

Floral women's blouses are available in current collections with a straight cut or as an oversize model. The oversize models look more casual and are an excellent choice for the summer leisure look. Figure-hugging cuts harmonize wonderfully with blazers and are an excellent addition to the business look. The colorful flower patterns bring color into these and can be combined with plain-colored trouser suits and costumes.

Tie blouse remains a summer trend

Last year the comeback of the bow tie blouse among the trendy ladies blouses was celebrated. The current summer looks show: in 2020 the elegant ladies blouse should not be missing. The loop will be combined and worn in many ways in 2020. To combine the trend blouse again, the bow does not have to be tied as a bow. It can be worn open like a scarf, which makes it look particularly elegant on the upper body. If the bow is staged like a scarf, it becomes a line of sight and harmonizes with many figure types.

Another way of wearing that is trendy in 2020 is a slight knot of the loop at chest height. For this purpose, the two bands are casually folded into one another. Due to the loose knot, the viewer's eyes can be directed specifically to the blouse. In combination with a wide cut, the figure can be perfectly concealed. Loop blouses are available in both plain colors and patterns. Individual labels have accepted the combination with floral patterns and thus elegantly combine two summer trends.

The bow-tie blouses are also among the tops that are just as suitable for a casual look as for a special occasion. In leisure time, it can be combined with sandals and jeans, while the bow-tie blouses can be worn with blazers on festive occasions.

Ruffles for a playful styling

Those who like to dress playfully in summer can choose women's blouses with flounces and ruffles. Playful summer blouses are characterized by numerous details. In addition to ruffles, puffed sleeves and lace are among the visual refinements of this year's summer collections. The details of the women's blouses with a typical summer complexion are particularly beautiful. Most playful blouses are cut a little wider, so they go great with Marlene pants . In addition, on hot days you can combine it with shorts made of jeans or light fabrics.

White blouses are much more reserved. They are one of the summer basics and can be combined in many ways with colorful trousers and skirts. White blouses look pleasantly light even on hot days. They are the perfect addition to the business look and can be wonderfully combined with trousers and skirts.

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