5 accessories that instantly make us look younger

5 accessories that instantly make us look younger

It's not just makeup and hairstyle that affect how we come across. Above all, our outfit has a decisive effect on our counterpart. Accessories are the particularly practical helpers here: under the motto "Small but Oho!",  We'll tell you which 5 accessories make us look a few years younger.

From bourgeois to casual, chic to unusual or old-fashioned to trendy: only the right accessories can achieve this transformation. The small fashion pieces ensure an immediate effect without great effort and are also extremely versatile. The parts in the closet no longer look really trendy? Don't worry - you don't have to sort everything out right away! With the right jewelry, you can style your outfit super modern in no time and look a few years younger.

These 5 trend accessories immediately make us look younger

Evergreen: sunglasses

Summer or winter: for the sake of our eyes, we should always wear sunglasses as soon as the rays fall through the clouds. And in addition to the health effect, the glasses are also super hipster: whether worn on or stylishly pushed into your hair - a trendy model rejuvenates your entire look.

Evergreen Glasses


Trend jewelry: bracelets

A delicate detail that does its job. Bracelets can be combined with any top and provide the trendy effect when the look is a little too bland. For the trendy, young touch, you are welcome to use several bracelets of different thicknesses , different material and color mixes are also allowed.


The comeback of the hoop earrings


Yes, the 2000s are back! The young fashion lovers are now wearing hoop earrings in their ears again. The graphic design of the earrings gives your outfit a stylish touch without attracting too much attention. Simple models ensure that the look is by no means exaggerated and intentional - and still cheats away for a few years.

 Hoop earrings



Woman of the Rings

The hand jewelry is in as ever! Try out here to your heart's content: Lots of delicate, small rings on top of each other as well as large statement pieces of jewelry. Vintage rings from grandma are also put on their fingers again and celebrated with a retro feeling. At the moment there is only one rule: the more, the better. A bit of glitter on your fingers gives you that certain hipster touch.

Women Rings


Coolness overload: caps

Caps have always been THE sign of absolute coolness. Meanwhile, it's not just hip-hoppers and boys who wear the casual headgear. The cap completes our outfit in all possible styles - also in a feminine direction. Super practical for bad hair days, but also as part of a hairstyle: for example with a ponytail sticking out. When combined correctly, the cap is definitely an absolute trend accessory that stands for pure youthfulness!

Cool Caps




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