What are the steps to become an important player in the e-commerce world? (Online education)

What are the steps to become an important player in the e-commerce world? (Online education)

With L'Oréal- Head of ECommerce, Deniz Sacred, we talk about everything about e-commerce in this training that we will perform live on Zoom.

Our trainings, prepared with our expert trainers from industry-leading companies, continue!

Especially in these days when we spend a significant part of the day on the internet and our shopping habits have evolved online, the importance of e-commerce is on the agenda of all companies that do not want to lose their customers and want to keep up with the digital age. Reaching the customer target audience through online channels has become a big necessity in order to get out of locality, to be continuously accessible, to increase brand awareness and to continuously improve sales volume.

But; It is very difficult to make a difference between the e-commerce sites that are opened every day and their competitors and to get a big slice from the sales pie. In this case, "how" you sell and how you should reach your target audience become important points rather than "what" you sell. Especially following the rapidly changing e-commerce trends and making these trends applicable is a must for e-commerce.

L'Oréal Consumer Product Division, E-commerce Manager  Marine Scripture with, 11-12 December 2020 date in live instead in Turkey from the history of e-commerce in this training will take place over Zoom, email from creating the right strategy for commerce social media communications, logistics and From customer service to inspiring success stories, e-commerce trends to business models, we will cover many topics.

Since we have a quota limit for online trainings, we recommend that you hurry to register :)

If you are interested in the training, you can register  here or get information from egitim@crenvoik.com

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