Startup beauty merges with Blogs - When marketing becomes a collaboration

Startup beauty merges with Blogs - When marketing becomes a collaboration

The startup Goodiebox has chosen a different approach to marketing. They have partnered with five well-known bloggers via Blogly to promote their service in a "special edition". They hope to reach more than 770,000 potential customers and followers on social media and platforms.

Every woman or man has probably tried it. One has bet and bought its beauty products online. The ad sounded so good that it was hard not to. But when the product arrives, it may not be what you actually expected. The cream irritates the skin, the foundation is the wrong shade, and that hair product, it makes the hair look like a bird's nest.

Goodiebox will address one of the major challenges facing the beauty industry. They have a subscription service where the consumer is sent a sample of different products within makeup, skin care or fragrances each month, which are either special sample sizes or full size products. The idea is then that the consumer can try out the products at home for a much smaller price before they go out and buy a cream for 500 kroner, which makes the eyes swell and sting.

Consumers need greater security

Consumers need greater security

The purpose of the subscription service is to promote e-commerce in beauty products by giving consumers the opportunity to test the products first and thereby create greater security in connection with the purchase.

“The beauty industry has lagged behind fashion and apparel when it comes to moving sales from offline to online. The penetration of total beauty e-commerce is less than 50 percent of fashion and apparel e-commerce, ”says CEO and co-founder of Goodiebox, Rasmus Schmiegelov in a press release.

He continues: “For example, we know that only a quarter of our members buy their beauty products online. Goodiebox is pure e-commerce, but by sampling beauty products at a reasonable price, we give the consumer an opportunity to make a 'try before you buy', which has been one of the beauty industry's great challenges. ”

Famous blog profiles test for Goodiebox

Part of their marketing is a new collaboration with a number of well-known bloggers via Blogly. The bloggers each select their favorite product, which is collected in a special edition of this month's Goodiebox. From there, they help to expose the startup and their Goodiebox via their own social profiles and media.

Because Goodiebox's members are predominantly women, the startup has chosen to merge with a network of lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers, says Rasmus Schmiegelow.

“Our target group is women who are very used to the media. They are on social media and they read blogs. So for us, it went without saying that we should collaborate with a blog network that represents vastly different bloggers in the fields of food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and fitness. ”

The selected bloggers include celebrities such as Mascha Vang, Julie Berthelsen, Cecilie Lind, Signe Eflund and Anne Mette Voss, who have selected the products in collaboration with the team behind Goodiebox.

Great connection to the concept

Since serial entrepreneurs Rasmus Schmiegelow and Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjort started Goodiebox in 2012, revenue has increased by 2,000 percent. This suggests that their concept is something that appeals to consumers. And not just them. The dealers also seem interested. In four years, the startup has reached 200 partners and a webshop. Rasmus Schmiegelov himself believes that it counts as "proof-of-concept" for the startup.

“Goodiebox provides access to beauty products at a really good value for the benefit of both members and brands. And our growth only seems to increase, so our expectations for the coming years are very high, ”he says.

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