t's been four weeks since I introduced the sustainable olive oil care series to you here on You can get solid shampoo & Co. with organic olive oil from medipharma cosmetics in the pharmacy, an initial report from me is in the following post.


In an earlier post I briefly introduced you to the products of the sustainable olive oil care range from medipharma cosmetics. Today I would like to go into more detail about the ingredients of natural origin.

All products from this series are vegan, without microplastics and made from 98% ingredients of natural origin . Organic olive oil is the common denominator in all products. Depending on the area of ​​application and needs, other healthy boosters are included: the face cream for normal to dry skin also contains hyaluron and vitamin E , which is why it provides the skin with plenty of moisture and has an antioxidant effect. For very dry skin there is a rich face cream with jojoba oil and vitamins A and E in the sustainable care series ; it supports cell renewal and has a smoothing effect. The olive oil body cream is thanks to shea buttera real skin flatterer and leaves the skin feeling soft. All in all, an all-round package for the skin.

Solid shampoo & more sustainability in the bathroom Julie's Dresscode Fashion Lifestyle Blog


In the last four weeks I was able to extensively test the sustainable care products from medipharma cosmetics . Both the face and body cream leave the skin feeling great. Since I have sensitive skin, I always carefully approach new creams and observe precise reactions, especially on the face. Thanks to the ingredients of natural origin, my skin tolerates the creams really well. The clear favorite of the olive oil care range is the solid shampoo .

As you may know from my Instagram stories, I did a hair wash detox a few weeks ago. Six days without washing your hair was tough, but it was worth it. In the course of this I switched to solid shampoo . Even when it comes to hair care, I have long made sure that it doesn't contain any silicone or microplastics. The solid shampoo from medipharma cosmetics not only meets these criteria, it is even vegan and cares for the hair with shea butter and olive oil . The shampoo foams a little, which I think is really great because I feel the “washing experience” is pleasant and familiar. My hair feels really clean after washing, is soft and less greasy after when they used to do this, before the shampoo detox and with liquid shampoo.

sustainable care products_mediapharamcosmetics_olivenölpflegeserie_JuliesDresscode

The biggest plus point of the solid shampoo : Not only is it incredibly practical when traveling, it is also very economical . One bar of soap of 60g is enough for about 50 hair washes , which corresponds to about two packs of liquid shampoo with a content of 250ml. So solid shampoo not only saves you money, but also a lot of waste.


Apart from the efficiency of the solid shampoo, the use of the sustainable olive oil care series reduces the overall waste caused by cosmetic products. With this series, Medipharma cosmetics focuses on sustainability, as the folding boxes for the cream jars and soaps are made from over 90% waste paper . The instructions for use are printed on the inside of the folding boxes and even the labels on the jars are made of recycled paper.

Solid shampoo & more sustainability in the bathroom Julie's Dresscode Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The lids of the cream jars

are particularly beautiful. They are made from untreated beech wood , which comes from sustainably managed forests. Medipharma cosmetics also supports the Bergwaldprojekt eV , an association that has committed itself to the protection, preservation and care of mountain forests and cultural landscapes.

Tip: Even if we do not always completely do without plastic in our everyday life and completely sustainable life still seems difficult, every little piece counts. If everyone produces a little less waste, for example with

sustainable care products,

everyone contributes a little bit to the path #unsergemeinsamerweg

You can find more information about the sustainable olive oil care series here:

You can get the products of the sustainable olive oil care series exclusively in the pharmacy, where you can also get advice on the needs of your skin.

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