Hair washing - We should definitely avoid these 5 mistakes

Hair washing - We should definitely avoid these 5 mistakes

Washing your hair is part of the routine, what can you do wrong? A lot! These 5 mistakes shouldn't be made when washing your mane!

1. Too frequent washing

If you wash your hair too often, you run the risk of drying out your scalp. Many shampoos contain ingredients that degrease them. This then leads to a dry or irritated scalp. It is better to wash your hair only every two or three days so that the skin has time to regenerate and the sebum production comes back into balance. 

Tip: If you still want to wash your mane daily, you should use a mild shampoo to protect the scalp .

2. Apply hair conditioner to the roots

In contrast to the shampoo, a conditioner does not lose anything at the hairline. It is better to only apply treatments, conditioners and rinses to the lengths and ends of your hair. The products are richer to allow quick combing. Therefore, they should not be given on the approach, otherwise it can become greasy faster 

Tip: Always wash your shampoo and the like thoroughly and make sure that there are really no product residues left in your hair. Otherwise, for example, these can ensure that our mane becomes greasy faster.

 Apply hair conditioner to the roots

3. Mistake when washing your hair: showering too hot

A hot shower on a cold day feels really good at first, but the excessively hot water is harmful to skin and hair. The scalp is dried out by the hot water and our hair also loses its shine and becomes brittle and dry . Use lukewarm or cold water, it is much gentler.

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4. Neglect the scalp

When it comes to washing, many neglect their scalp. The shampoo is massaged into the hair, but does not get on the scalp. Treat your scalp to a little treat and massage the shampoo in thoroughly with your fingers. The massage stimulates blood circulation and thus hair growth is stimulated. In addition, sebum and other debris will loosen from the scalp when you massage. 

5. Rub your hair dry after washing

Please never rub your hair dry with the towel after washing! Although the mane dries faster, the hair suffers extremely during this procedure. Rubbing them can knot them and in the worst case even break them off. Split ends are also favored. Instead, gently pat your mane dry. Your hair will thank you!

The same applies to blow-drying: it's better to blow- dry on a medium setting, it is gentle on hair and scalp. 

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