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Paying attention to the label “clean” in every respect has become almost normal. For example, we make sure to eat as clean as possible by using unprocessed foods. Even cleaning and washing agents are available in more and more sustainable, environmentally and skin-friendly variants and of course we also pay attention to the ingredients when it comes to cosmetics.

However, while we switch to solid shampoo with as few ingredients as possible and make sure that neither microplastics nor hormonally active substances are added to the shower gel, we thoughtlessly spray our favorite scent on our necks every day.

But did you know that perfume may questionable ingredients may contain?

Clean Beauty Trend: Clean Perfume and what makes it special Julie's Dresscode Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Many perfumes contain fragrances, mostly essential oils, that are highly allergic and can even trigger new allergies. Conversely, this also means that essential oils, i.e. purely natural fragrances, are not necessarily harmless. In addition, UV filters are used in some classic fragrances , which ensure that the fragrance stays in sunlight. Sounds good, but it is a highly questionable substance and is suspected of being hormonally effective .

What does hormonally effective actually mean? Certain substances behave similarly to hormones, they are so-called pseudo or environmental hormones, and interfere with the natural processes of the body.

Last but not least, perfume is often tested on animals to examine whether a wide variety of substances affect the nervous system or even the genetic make-up.


In recent years, while clean beauty products have become more and more natural for us, the perfume industry has also adapted to this need . More and more harmful ingredients are banned and the manufacturers themselves are becoming more and more transparent with regard to the composition of the perfumes. As a customer, you can decide for yourself which fabrics are allowed on your own neck.

The fact is that no perfume can do without chemical substances. Nevertheless, I also wanted to finally test a clean perfume and finally found what I was looking for at Douglas . There is a separate category for clean beauty fragrances in which I discovered the perfume by Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov .

Clean Beauty Trend: Clean Perfume and what makes it special Julie's Dresscode Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


The brand ZARKOPERFUME is from Denmark and the creative head Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov has specialized in the production of molecular perfumes. The idea behind it: in each of his creations there is a fragrance molecule he has developed that does not initially form a perfect smell when combined with water. On the skin of every person, however, the scent unfolds in a very individual way, depending on the respective body chemistry . According to Zarko, the scent smells different for each person and supports the respective personality.


In contrast to the “natural cosmetics” certificate, there is no uniform definition or clear guideline for the term clean beauty . Roughly, however, it includes products with as few ingredients as possible and above all those that are considered harmless to the body and the environment : no microplastics, no polymers that are difficult to break down, no hormonally active substances, no allergenic substances, etc.

Clean Beauty Trend: Clean Perfume and what makes it special Julie's Dresscode Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

ZARKOPERFUME's fragrances are made in the EU, in Denmark, and are 100% vegan, meaning they are not tested on animals. The fragrances consist of a few ingredients and purely synthetic fragrances, so they are low in irritation and allergies. In addition, the label pays attention to sustainability and careful use of resources, dispensing with unnecessary plastic packaging wherever possible. The label thus makes it into the selection of Douglas' clean beauty category .


So I ordered my first copy of ZARKOPERFUME from i Douglas , where I discovered it in the new and carefully selected clean beauty category. Of all the fragrances, MOLéCULE 234.38  still interested me the most, because it is virtually Zarko's masterpiece. He invested 6 years in the development of this fragrance and ultimately a molecule was created that, due to its similarity to this, can ideally unfold on the skin. All fragrances from ZARKOPERFUME are unisex and the description of the fragrance notes is a little spartan. Sure, because notes such as rose or musk are of course not included here and therefore cannot be described. However, many reported that the scent of MOLéCULE 234.38 is  clean and fresh, you do not notice it yourself, but is often asked about the perfume.

Clean Beauty Trend: Clean Perfume and what makes it special Julie's Dresscode Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

I myself noticed the scent on myself for a few hours on the first day and found it very pleasant. In fact, it didn't take long before Daniel asked if I had a new perfume. He also found the scent very pleasant, subtle and clean. I would describe it as a gentle cotton scent , but as mentioned, the scent develops differently depending on your body chemistry.

Because Clean Parfum has a high price, I first ordered a small bottle to test that can keep up with the price of a large one. In the future, I would like to test more clean perfumes and thus eliminate more and more unnecessary ingredients from my beauty routine.

How do you think about clean perfume and molecular fragrances? Do you already use any or would you like to test it out? Do you pay attention to the label “clean” with other products?

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