Beauty for a tight budget - the four best savings tricks

Beauty for a tight budget - the four best savings tricks

Beauty can be quite expensive. And the budget of schoolchildren, students and trainees is sometimes very tight. But is that why you forego high-quality beauty products? It doesn't have to be. With a few tricks you still have the opportunity at the end of the month to style yourself how you like it.

Trick 1: Don't buy anything superfluous

This is of course easier said than done. You're just strolling through town and this lilac lipstick is so incredibly discounted in price, and the foundation is also on sale ... But even the cheapest lipstick is a waste of money if you don't like the color 100%. So think carefully about which products you need and in which colors and buy exactly what you need.
There are often samples for fragrances, whether on the Internet or in private stores. You can first sniff whether the fragrance suits you before you spend the money.
It can also be very helpful to set a budget for beauty products that can be spent on a monthly basis - and nothing more.

Trick 2: Buy cheaply

Especially with branded goods, the price differences between different providers are sometimes immense. When you order on the Internet, you have the opportunity to systematically compare prices. But also pay attention to the package size. There are really lousy tricks with packs that are quite a bit smaller, but only cost slightly less. At the latest when you open the package, the rude awakening comes. Another point: the shipping costs. It doesn't help you if the product is one euro cheaper, but you pay five euros for shipping.
Before you order, take a quick look on the voucher pages to see if there is a discount code that you can use for your order. Especially for the big portals are always Douglas vouchers or Shein vouchers can be found and even for large mail order companies such as Otto, vouchers for 15% discount and more are not uncommon.

Trick 3: Use

what you already have When the month is drawing to a close and the account is already red again, you shouldn't rush to throw away apparently used beauty products. Lipstick that appears to be used up will still provide some uses if you remove the remains with a cotton swab. Nail polish that starts to dry up can be liquefied again with a little nail polish remover.
If there is a fault in the nail polish, you don't have to replace the whole polish, you can simply touch it up. Leftovers in pump bottles can be used by unscrewing the bottle. You can cut open tubes from which nothing comes out. You will be amazed how much is left in it.
Blusher can be used as a highlighter for the eyelids and in an emergency, blush can be replaced with tiny amounts of lipstick. Bronze powder mixed into the body milk gives you a glamorous appearance. And self-tanner at least saves going to the solarium.
Soap residues, tucked into a thin sock, can be used wonderfully for showering.

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