Applying body lotion - We should avoid these 3 mistakes

Applying body lotion - We should avoid these 3 mistakes

Whether in summer or winter: applying lotion after showering is part of the beauty routine for most people. However, we can do a lot wrong with this. Here are the three most common mistakes when applying body lotion.

1. Mistake when applying lotion: Pick the wrong time

Did you know? How well a body lotion works depends primarily on when it is applied . Most people get out of the shower , dry themselves off thoroughly, and then resort to lotion. But this is not recommended, because the cream works best when our skin is still slightly damp . So first gently pat your skin after you shower and then apply this lotion. This is how your skin can best absorb the ingredients.

Mistake when applying lotion - Pick the wrong time
2. Change the product too often

There are tons of body creams out there, and we'd love to try as many of them as possible. In fact, switching between different products often isn't that good , as our skin is quite a creature of habit. If we change the lotion too often, the skin can react with irritation, for example. Therefore it is better to stick to your favorite product and if the skin is too dry , just use a little more lotion.

3. Use the wrong body lotion

The most important thing to know about your own skin type before buying any lotion is . Is the skin prone to dryness, blemishes or is it more oily? Adjust the care to your individual needs . You can also get advice from your dermatologist, pharmacy or drugstore. Care tailored to the skin is important to prevent irritation. We can also have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in a product. When buying a body lotion, always make sure that it only contains substances that you can tolerate well . In the event of allergic reactions or intolerance, it is essential that you stop using the product.

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