What do my natural eyelashes look like after eyelash extensions? Will I still have some, how can I care for them and when should I take a break from the glued Lass extensions? Questions that I have often asked myself and have just answered in the past two years. How I feel without the fake lashes, 


The current situation is forcing us all back to be more natural: Nail salons are closed, the roots have to be concealed and we have to take a break for lash extensions for better or worse.

About two years ago, after much deliberation, I tried eyelash extensions for the first time . It was just pure curiosity and I liked the fact that I could do without mascara . I loved the result from the start. The long eyelashes conjure up an open look , you appear more alert and save a lot of time in the morning. My favorite pro: even after the worst sneezing attacks caused by hay fever, nothing blurs on the eye.

Nevertheless, I have often asked myself how my natural eyelashes are doing during and especially after eyelash extensions . Before, I was always satisfied with my natural eyelashes , they were long, had curl and could be thickened well with Indian ink . Would that be the case again someday? And when does the point come when I dare to take a break and supposedly do without eyelashes for a few weeks ?


Due to the lock down, now was the ideal, albeit by necessity , time to give my natural eyelashes a break . After three weeks there were only very isolated fake lashes on my lid, which looked pretty absurd in combination.

So that the last long lashes could come off , I first took a steam bath to soften the glue. Then I applied coconut oil to the upper lash line and left it on overnight. A few of them were solved well the next morning. I shortened the last remaining ones to the length of my natural eyelashes .


Steam can help loosen the glued eyelashes.
Be careful when peeling them off so you don't tear your natural lashes out.
Shorten the length of the stubborn fake lashes to that of your natural eyelashes.

The own lashes have a growth cycle of about three weeks. Under the weight of the individually glued artificial eyelashes, they could not grow completely, which is why you first have very short natural eyelashes . At first, it really takes some getting used to and you feel a bit naked. With a little care , natural eyelashes can also become beautiful again:
  • Avoid using mascara for the first few days to allow the lashes to breathe.
  • Castor or argan oil nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes. It is best to apply the oil carefully and sparingly before going to bed.
  • Eyelash boosters can also use various oils to help stimulate the growth of your natural eyelashes and make them stronger.
  • Also , make sure you have moisture under the eye , so your eyes look fresh and alert despite the few eyelashes.


Now I'm getting used to the natural look again . Every now and then it can still be a bit more on the eye, because the difference between natural, coated and extended eyelashes is clear. My favorite alternatives to eyelash extensions are therefore:

Mascaras with the smallest fibers that provide volume and make the natural eyelashes look fuller and artificial eyelashes that I can wear as needed.


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